SYRTI White Dry Assyrtiko 2018

SYRTI White Dry Assyrtiko 2018

Syrti Assyrian

Variety composition - 100% Assyric.

It is cultivated at an altitude of 292 meters. It is produced with classic white vinification with selected yeasts and temperature control without mechanical filtering. Despite its late ripening, it is a wine with impressive acidity, delicate aromas and distinctive style. It is distinguished for its balanced body and elegant aftertaste. The fruity taste of the strawberry berry variety and the light elegant citrus aroma will surely fascinate the discerning white wine lovers. It accompanies excellent dishes with white sauces, salads, white cheeses and fruits. Served at 12 - 14 ° C.

  • Product Info

    Origin Ilia

    Weight/Volume: 750ml

    Package: Glass Bottle

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 100x100x210 (MM)